Development of Broadcasting and Telecommunication Convergence Framework based on MPEG-21 (MPEG-21 기반 방송·통신 융합 프레임워크 기술 개발)
MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework aims at defining a normative open framework for multimedia delivery and consumption for use by all the players in the delivery and consumption chain. This open framework will provide content creators, producers, distributors and service providers with equal opportunities in the MPEG-21. The vision for MPEG-21 is to define a multimedia framework to enable transparent and augmented use of multimedia resources across a wide range of networks and devices used by different communities.

The scope of MPEG-21 could be described as the integration of the critical technologies enabling transparent and augmented use of multimedia resources across a wide range of networks and devices to support functions such as: content creation, content production, content distribution, content consumption and usage, content packaging, intellectual property management and protection, content identification and description, financial management, user privacy, terminals and network resource abstraction, content representation and event reporting.

In this project, we develop the framework of MPEG-21. So we make Digital Item using Digital Item Generator and parse DID, DII, IPMP, MPEG-7, REL and so on based on Digital Item Processing(DIP).

Figure 1. An Exemplary Digital Item
Figure 1 indicates the exam of Digitl Item. Digital Item used in MPEG-21 Framework is declared by Digital Item Declaration Models such as Container, Descriptor, Item, Component, Resource and so on. And upper example is Digital Item which have two item, each Item includes two Component. In short, this Digital Item related to a World-cup image and a audio.
Fig. 2. Agents Working Flow in each Platform
As shown Figure 2, Digital Item is manipulated, used based on DIP architecture. The left-deshlLeft dashed-line indicate interaction between the MPEG-21 terminal and a DI that arrived at this terminal. Right dashed-line is interaction between a User and MPEG-21 terminal. And Full-line arrow indicate interaction inside the MPEG-21 terminal. The DIM Engine can be seen as a central point each part of MPEG-21 communicates using DIM engine.
Figure 3. Overview of MPEG-21 TestBed Implementation
In Figure 3, each part of MPEG-21 communicates using DIM engine. Through GUI module and Message Interface, user can use Digital Item in which DIMs are defined. And DIM(offers to user many methods to manipulate, consume and use Digital Item) is defined by DIBO(Digital Item Base Operations) and DIxO(Digital Item extensible Operations).
Figure 4. Interface of DIP
Figure 4 show us interface of Digital Item Processing. Based on DIP architecture, all Digital Item can be rendered and user can be use Digital Item through DIM List.
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