Our goal is to propose a flexible and efficient solution to generate summary for sports video data. To this end, we focus on incorporating the standard audio-visual features (MPEG-7 descriptors) with domain-specific information in a common framework, and thus locate and extract interesting events. Currently, our test dataset are soccer videos.
Figure 1: Framework of video summarization system
For soccer video:
Feature extraction: two features
Ration of grass color region that is made from MPEG-7 Scalable color descriptors.
Edge histogram made from MPEG-7 Scalable color descriptors.
Shot detection:
three categories of shots: global view, medium view and close-up view.
Scene construction:
two kinds of events: "goal", and "foul and missing".
The system is flexible and easy to extend to other domain.
It has high accuracy, the achieved results are 90.7% of of shot detection, 67%, and 90% of goal, and "foul and missing shot" event detection, respectively.
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Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, Truong Cong Thang, Tae Meon Bae, Yong Man Ro, "Soccer Video Summarization System Based on Hidden Markov Model with Multiple MPEG-7 Descriptors", Submited to CISST 2003
Click here to see examples of soccer video summary.