Developing of Digital Mammography System For Asian Women


Microcalcification Detection for Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD)



  Breast cancer


check01e.gif  A leading cause of death among middle-aged women.

check01e.gif  Early detection can reduce the mortality.

check01e.gif  Microcalcification is one of the earliest signs of breast cancer.

check01e.gif  Microcalcification detection is an important part in CAD system.





check01e.gif  A special kind of x-ray to visualize the internal structure of the breast.

check01e.gif  Mammogram is result image of X-ray picture




Fig 1. Examples of Mammogram with Microcalcification



  Full-filed Digital Mammography (FFDM)


check01e.gif  Mammogram image is captured by computer

check01e.gif  Store, display, transmission

check01e.gif  Chance image by the radiologist - zoom, chance dynamic range and contrast



  Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD)


check01e.gif  Find potential cancer or abnormal area on mammogram using computer

check01e.gif  The radiologist check especially closely in making area




  Microcalcification detection system


check01e.gif  1st ROI detection




check01e.gif  2nd  Microcalcification detection




check01e.gif  Microcalcification detection example



               (a) Original image              (b) ROI detection              (c) Microcalcification detection



  Project Demo