Internet-based Color Adaptation Tool for Color Vision Deficiency


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check01e.gif Objective: Universal Multimedia Access (UMA) and MPEG-21 is about how users can access the same media resources with different terminal and preferences. For this, the media resources have to be adaptable and flexible according to the usersí» needs and capabilities. The following is a figure for showing the universal multimedia access flow.


Figure 1. Universal multimedia access flow


In this project, we especially consider user's color perception capability. User's color perception capability play an important role for accessing multimedia resources with high-quality and abundant colors. People with color vision deficiency even may not get any information >from the resources. Roughly 7 ~ 10% population has some kinds of color vision deficiency (CVD). Although there is no treatment for the CVD, many pictures, documents, and web pages on Internet have been designed without any consideration about the problem.


Thus, we develop Internet(or web)-based color adaptation tool for color vision deficiency in this project. The project is composed of three parts; color vision test and automatic diagnosis for color vision deficiency, color adaptation based on the color deficiency characteristics, and web-based system integration.